Aladierno: "Rhamnus alaternus", arbusto o arbolillo siempreverde, de apariencia tremendamente variable, se cría en todo tipo de terrenos, y es nativo de la región mediterranea. Truncado: (del verbo truncar), cortar una parte a alguna cosa; dejar incompleto el sentido de lo que se escribe o lee; quitar a alguien las ilusiones o esperanzas.

jueves, 21 de diciembre de 2006

Eight questions...

... that I would like to know the answer before I die:

Is the universe deterministic?

What is reality?

Do we have free will?

What happens after you die?

What comes after Homo sapiens?

What is consciousness?

What is life?

Will we ever have a theory of everything?

... Is there anyone out there that knows the answer? If so, please let me know. In the mean time I have my own ones and I´m sure they are completelly wrong, but still, that´s the best I can do so far.

1: Yes: everything that is has got a cause that originated it.
2: ...mhh, pass!
3: No, free will is just an illusion
4: Nothing. Your body disintegrates and your matter transforms in something else.
5: A new species resulting from the improvement of the original design of Homo sapiens through his own technology. That is, unless the current species goes extinct!!. Unfortunately, guessing this is as unlikely as a group of chimpanzees understanding fully the doings of the group of humans next to them. How could a chimpanzee ever imagine what humans do in their society? In comparison, we can only aim for a chimpanzee's point of view on what the "new species" might be.
6: The illusion that makes us believe that we have free will, that is, the illusion of another illusion
7: A chemical reaction that produce replication of the original components, but in a defective way...
8: No. Homo sapiens will not be able to understand it. Perhaps the next step in our evolution will...

(las 8 preguntitas las he sacado del New Scientist del 18 de Noviembre: aun no he leido los artículos, y me muero de las ganas)

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