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jueves, 17 de mayo de 2007

"Mañianna, mañianna" v. "B&Q"

"Mañianna, mañianna"…, as said by George whenever he sees me asking them to do something "extra" at the port. I'm trying to put it in writing so that it'll show how he says it with his accent in English, although this may only make sense to a Spaniard reading this. It would seem that he is trying really hard to simulate my Spanish accent, but he sounds so bad...

This is part of my routine at the port where I work. It's the usual joke that I, together with many other Spaniards living in the UK, have to endure. This and the "qué?" coined by Manuel, the hopeless waiter of Faulty Towers. I bet whatever that every single one of us (Spaniards in the UK I mean) have heard that one too. It's the typical idea of them (British) feeling superiors to us (Spanish).

The "mañianna" myth is to do with the idea of our "siesta" and the general laziness that, possibly due to our genetic make up, affect our inferior race… The myth is also associated to the poor work quality/ standards of our plumbers, builders, carpenters, etc, etc, always compared with their own counterparts in the UK…

Well, I now have, unfortunately, the evidence to prove them wrong. Ever since I live in the UK, and ever since I have hired someone to do one of those jobs at home, I thought I had the bad luck of having always a “cowboy”. It’s not that I’m a perfectionist, which I’m not. It’s just that in this country, being a cowboy in the fields of plumbing, building, carpentry, electricians, etc is the norm, not the exception.

We had such a bad experience in the past that on this last occasion, when my wife decided that it was time to refurbish the kitchen, we thought we would not risk a botched job, and would not think on the costs but on the end result. That was why we hired the kitchen fitting services of B&Q Plc. (, one of the big names in the “diy” industry in this country. That was in the hope that they would handle the whole lot, and we wouldn’t have to worry about chasing the different parties to have a proper job done… How wrong we were…

This week is fourth week after the “official date” for the start of the works in our kitchen. However, we had to remove all food and usual kitchen stuff the week before that date in order to allow for the removal of the tiles plus the plastering of walls, etc. So it’s really been 5 weeks and it’s still not finished!!!. They keep bringing the wrong furniture, messing with the electrical installations, damaging fitted cupboards, fitting damaged floor boards, piling up rubbish, improvising to cover up their mistakes, working less than 7 hours every day… The list of wrongs could go on forever, but I will stop for now. The idea is clear. B&Q installation service is crap. They are a bunch of cowboys, starting with their management and ending with their workers. So if someone ever read this lines, please, please bear this in mind:


… And why I am writing all this in English when my blog is in Spanish?. Well, this will obviously interest more to someone living here than to a Spaniard.

"Mañianna, mañianna"? I wish I had more of them here...

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