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jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

In or out, desde el punto de vista de un extranjero en el UK

Después de ver el último video de Pat Condell "The Moment of Truth" (ver este link) en el que defiende apasionadamente con su estilo tan caracerístico la idea del "Brexit", no he podido reprimirme y le he tenido que contestar con lo siguente:

"Well, I´m an EU citizen and have been living in the UK for more than 20 years, and because I have kept my original nationality, I cannot vote in the forthcoming referendum. I work in the UK because EU law, and if the UK were to leave the EU, my situation would be uncertain to say the least.

As me, many other EU citizens (including UK ones at the moment) have the freedom of working and living anywhere in the EU without the complication of having to apply for visas, etc., and many retired people enjoy their retirement years in other EU countries with more benign climate than that in their own country of origin. And we all live in the knowing that the same privileged situation will be enjoyed by our children, if we continue to live as we´ve been doing all these years. However all this seems to be about to change. The reasons some people like Pat Condell argue seem to be very convincing: EU is a monster, they are nothing but a bunch of corrupt unelected career politicians and bureaucrats that don´t care about anything but themselves..., ´they...´, in opposition to "us"...
I´m sorry Mr Condell, but I think all this to me sounds like a divisional discourse which tries to alienate some groups of human beings from others, the type of discourse that only encourage the separation and suspicion of the others, "they against us", "we are the good people, they are bad". In a world more and more interlinked, with technology breaking barriers everywhere, this type of anachronistic discourse sounds just that, anachronistic, primitive, and not very credible.
One could easily use the same discourse to criticize the political system in the UK (or in other EU countries). It is promoting the opposite ideas than those of cooperation, understanding and common values, the kind of principles that, despite what you want to make us believe, are the principles that have allowed us to live in the most privileged, advanced, developed and democratic part of the world: the EU.
Unfortunately, as it is often the case with our current democratic system, people will vote with their hearts, not their minds. It is easier to convince crowds with grandiloquent but empty words, than with reasoning and logic. This was what happened with the rise of the nazism: they went to power after people voted democratically for them. I sincerely hope that on this case, the UK remembers this recent history and
will vote more consciously.

For the sake of everyone´s future, let´s stay together in this, and keep working to improve this union, not to break it."

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