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viernes, 17 de junio de 2016

Brexit worst case scenario: LEAVE

It wasn´t clear how it all started. Rham, like many other like him, had his own theories about it, as one can easily say that it all began the moment the government decided to ask the citizens of this country to decide whether to stay or to leave the European Union. But Rham thought the situation came about from way before all that, as it was part of the human nature. And this the account of what happened after that historic day and how it affected him...
It was something that happened shortly before the referendum for the in or out question, although at this point in time it´s not clear what was the main trigger that caused the mood of a large majority to swing to the leave option. Was it the murder of the labour MP by a right wing extremist and the build up of conspiracy theories against the government, implying its involvement in the incident? Or was it the defeat of the English football team in the European championship due to an obviously poor referee performance? Many stated that the actions of that referee against the English were clearly intentional, and were considered a direct insult to the UK as a whole. Or perhaps a new case of alleged corruption among EU MPs ´discovered´ just days before the referendum? Some considered that the ´leave´ supporting lobby knew about it well before it was made public, but they were keeping the news as a ´last resort´ bullet to move public opinion to their side (and they did move it considerably!). Who knows. Rham thought that in the end it was an accumulation of unfortunate events that led to a massive 73% result supporting the leave option. And from that moment, it all changed...

Rham had been living in the suburbs of London for over 20 years. Once he and his partner found a nice little house somewhere in the South East of the capital, they never move away from there. His children had always lived in the same house, and up until then, they were just another family in the street, just another neighbor around the corner...

By Friday the 24th June the results of the referendum were already quite clear: a vast majority of voters had supported the leave option. Loads of spontaneous street celebrations were organized, people euphoria quickly turning into intimidation towards residents of no UK origin. 
That Friday, in the evening, a group of white English neighbors scratched Rham´s car. They were celebrating their victory against their European oppressors, and some had been drinking heavily for a few hours already. The spirits were high, and they were quite a few having a good time in Rham´s street. By early evening, they started playing football, and some were hitting the cars of those bloody foreign residents with the ball, as if they represented the defeated EU. Once they hit Rham´s car, he came out and tried to confront the gathering, but soon realized that the other neighbors that he knew in the street were just looking through their windows, but none was coming out to support him, obviously too scare of the crowd.
´What are you going to do now, you fucking spanish cunt?´, they shouted at him whilst kicking the ball hard against Rham´s car. His wife and kids were recording the scene with their mobiles and Rham used this as a final warning before calling the police.
´Come on, you chicken bastard, can´t you defend your self?´, one of them shouted before pushing him...
Rham´s partner had called the police several times, and their answer was always the same: they were too busy dealing with numerous similar incidents happening across the capital. They never attended the call.
During he night, several dozens (perhaps hundreds) of EU residents in the UK were attached, some of them seriously wounded, and at least seven were killed during the riots.
Rham had to work the following day. However, apart from the not too serious bruises from the previous night fight, and he was feeling very shaken as a result, and he did not want to leave his family and house unattended. He called the office and inform them of the situation. Although he did some work from home that day and some other days afterwards, he never returned to his office again. Many of his colleagues were EU nationals and were going through he same ordeal at their own places. As a result, hundreds of consignments were stopped at the port where Rham worked as they could not be processed in the usual way. And the same situation spread rapidly to all the other UK ports, as many (if not most) of their officials were EU citizens resident in the UK.
From them on it all went down the hill very suddenly, in a matter of weeks (although some may say it only took days). The right wing media attacked those EU citizens that, like Rham, worked in the country as part of the government and local authorities workforce, those wheels of the machine that keep things moving. They were blamed for the boycott at the ports, and the media even appeared to justify the riots against them. The other EU countries immediately reacted criticizing the UK for not protecting these citizens, and this in turn evolved in a spiral of threats about sacking those EU citizens working in positions that were considered as essential, with the same response from the rest of the EU countries. The trade at the ports came to a complete stand still, and the standing consignments transhipped to other EU ports instead. That did nothing but to fuel the resentment against anything EU... The pound, already in decline since before the referendum due to the uncertainty of the results, didn´t take long before it completely collapsed, and with the trade in and out of the UK completely stopped, the country soon run out of vital supplies. And from there...

Enfín, demasiado negativo todo esto. Es, como indica el título, 'the worst case scenario', lo peor que pudiera ocurrir. Pero es que por desgracia para mí, si por lo que sea ganasen con amplia mayoría los que se quieren salir de la comunidad europea, cualquier cosa podría pasar. Yo ya he presenciado revueltas sin sentido aparente en este país, así que en realidad, el cuento de arriba es una ficción pero no una fantasía imposible. Sin embargo, hay que ser positivo, el buen juicio de la mayoría de los votantes prevalecerá y se votará para permanecer en la comunidad, y todos seremos felices y seguiremos comiendo perdices..., espero.

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